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Welcome to Aftelnet-


Aftelnet is an Afghan registered company and an ISP (internet service provider) located in Afghanistan.

Aftelnet serves to promote and develop the newest and most modern wireless data infrastructure available and Aftelnet is Aftelnet's logo in the field of advertising and service, however Aftelnet is the registered company 100% private owned.
Aftelnet Aims to

  • delelop and maintain 802.11,802.16,802.16a wireless infrastructure in Afghanistan Internet services in Afghanistan. 
  • develop and maintain point to point connections between cities in Afghanistan.  
  • delelop and maintain Internet services in Afghanistan. 
  • delelop and promote convergence technologies. 
  • maintain Internet standards for the locality.
  • run DNS services locally
  • assist in the training of young capable youths in Internet Design and Programming
  • enhance Local ISP services
  • attract foriegn investment in Technology in Afghanistan
  • house webhosting and email services locally

For further information, contact: <info@aftelnet.de>


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