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Secure High Speed Internet Access Solutions from 128kbps to over 10 Mbps starting at just $50.00/mo!!         

Aftelnet Wireless offers High Speed Internet Access Services to both private and businesses which either occupy space in multi-tenant office complex or a business which occupies a free-standing building. For multi-tenant complexes we offer Aftelnet Wireless BUSINESS, a service based on our specialized Intranet Access Systems installed at select office complexes. Please see our other product line for further services.

Fixed Wireless 128
Starting at $50 for 128Kbps!!

  • SECURE (WEP 128 bit encryption)
  • HIGH SPEED UP TO 128 Kbps downloads and 128 uplink
  • 128 Mb USAGE Internet
  • Equipment one time cost $150

nb:This service is intended for those that occasionally use the internet.

Aftelnet Wireless uses specialized equipment located in the each building to provide Internet Access service over from 128Kbps to over 10Mbps, eliminating the time needed to run costly cable to your office space. Like traditional DSL services, Aftelnet Wireless allows you to continue to use your phone lines for making and receiving traditional calls while permanently connected to the internet via our eqipment. However, unlike traditional DSL, Aftelnet Wireless does not use any wiring and therefore the time for installation of your service is greatly reduced.

Aftelnet Fixed Wireless uses fixed wireless technology to deliver one of the most reliable Internet connections available. Wireless technology ensures that all the problems, which affect data services travelling through miles of copper wiring are taken out of the equation. Aftelnet Wireless is unaffected by adverse weather conditions and only requires a short visit from Aftelnet to install the necessary hardware on your businesses structure.

Aftelnet Fixed Wireless is available only in select markets and areas. To check availability and rates, please click here.

For further information, contact:<info@aftelnet.de>

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